Giresun Tour

Kuzalan Waterfall and Mavigöl

It is 45 km from Giresun and 13 km from Dereli District. It is located in the Kuzalan Neighborhood of Alancik Village. Besides its rich beauty such as caves, monumental trees, historical mills, Kuzalan Waterfall is home to many diverse species and a different ecosystem. 129 plant species belonging to 60 different families and 105 bird species belonging to 36 families are also included in the nature park. Also; monasteries, castles, arch bridges of historical beauty stand out. Nature Walk, photo safari, bicycle safari, ATV, rock climbing, angling, bird watching can be done. 32 km from Giresun. It is the only place in the Eastern Black Sea Region where water with soda water flows as a stream. The Blue Lake turns into a turquoise color, especially in certain months. The water of the Blue Lake, consisting of 3 lakes, large and small, which is called ‘Sodalı Lake’ among the people, turns to turquoise with the effect of limestone and soda water. 

Kümbet Plateau

It is 65 km from Giresun. Kümbet Plateau Tourism Center, located at a distance, consists of some other plateaus in the vicinity and Aymaç Site. It is possible to reach the plateau via Giresun – Dereli – Şebinkarahisar road in two ways. When you go over Güdül – Yüceköy after Dereli, it is reached by a 60 km road. Aymaç Mesiresi and Salon Çayırı Forest Recreation Facilities in Kümbet create a variety of activities in the region with their structures and natural beauties. 


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