Giresun - Ordu Tour

Tirebolu Castle

The name of the castle, which is located on the peninsula that puts the sea in the center of Tirebolu district, is Saint Jean Castle in ancient times. The castle, which was placed on a high rock on the sea shore, was first built in the Hellenistic or Roman Period, it was completely renovated during the Pontus Empire and took on the character of the Medieval castle. The castle, which was built in accordance with the natural structure of the peninsula, can be reached by a steep staircase from the south.

Ordu Boztepe

The city of Ordu was laid on the slopes of Boztepe. It is 450 meters above the sea and it is insatiable to watch all the beauties of the city and the magnificence of the Black Sea from Boztepe. It is 6 km away from the city center and can be reached by asphalt road and cable car if you wish. There are eating and drinking facilities and forest picnic areas. 

Giresun Castle

It is at the highest point of the peninsula that divides the city into two. It is reached by a 500 meter parquet and a concrete road. The castle’s 2nd century BC. It is believed to have been built by the Pontus King Farnakes 1. The walls and the ruins of the palace are still standing. There are carved stone caves and temple ruins in various parts of the castle. 

Ordu Cable Car

It is the cable car facility with the longest distance (900 meters) between two poles in the world. It is the only cable car that goes up to 500 meters above sea level and provides two seasons at the same time. There is a closed circuit music broadcast and announcement system. Cable car Total line length is 2,350 meters. There are a total of 7 poles in the cable car line. 

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