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Sümela Monastery

The Sümela Monastery, built on a steep rock in the foothills of Montenegro, which dominates the Altındere Valley of the Maçka district of Trabzon, is referred to as the “Virgin Mary” among the people. The monastery, where local and foreign tourists show great interest, is one of the most important tourism centers of Trabzon and the region. Sümela Monastery is 47km away from Trabzon City center. 


One of the important tourism centers of the region is Hamsiköy. Located on the historical Silk Road route, Hamsiköy is located at the foot of Mount Zigana. Hamsiköy, which welcomes local and foreign guests with its natural beauty, is also famous. The center, which is surrounded by forests and located at an altitude of 1300 meters from the sea, is 48 km from Trabzon.  

Karaca Cave

Karaca Cave, which takes its name from the neighborhood of the village where it is located, is a magnificent natural wonder, which has been created by nature for millions of years, has been patiently embroidered and every point has the same care. Karaca Cave, located within the Boundaries of Cebeli Village of Torul district of Gümüşhane, is 17 km away from the city center and 1550 meters above sea level. In the cave location, there are facilities where visitors can meet their needs such as eating, drinking, resting and buying souvenirs. The cave, whose age is estimated to be about 15 million years, is a rare species in the world in terms of color and motif diversity. 

Torul Glass Terrace

It is located within the borders of Torul district of Gümüşhane province. The terrace on the Trabzon – Gümüşhane highway is one of the closest and accessible glass terraces of our country, with a distance of 2 kilometers to the main road. Glass terrace with 240 meters height from the ground one of the highest among the samples in Turkey. With the cruise terrace on the Karaca Cave route, 90 square meter area and reinforced glass platform that can carry 50 people at the same time, it attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists. 

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