Hıdırnebi Tour

Hıdırnebi Plateau

Hıdırnebi Plateau is one of the most famous and famous plateaus in the region. Hıdırnebi Plateau, which is one of the preferred places for nature photography and trekking lovers, is also hosting visitors with its natural habitats. In the open air, Akçaabat district, the city of Trabzon and the plateau, where the sea can watch like a view from the viewing terrace, lays a cloudy sea under the feet of the visitors in cloudy weather. Hıdırnebi Hill is a natural scenery viewing terrace. The plateau, which is 1742 meters high, is 40 kilometers from the center of Trabzon and 29 kilometers from the Akçaabat district center. Accommodation, market, butcher, restaurant, bakery etc. facilities are located in the plateau, which is very easily accessible. 

Çal Cave

It is one of the longest caves in the world, with its size and stalactites, stalagmites, various interesting forms formed spontaneously, waterfalls and pools among those discovered and offered for tourism service. The entrance part of the cave, whose lighting and sightseeing platforms have been completed, is a human height. After the first 150 meters, stalactites and stalagmites begin to be seen. There is a comfortable air movement inside the cave due to its contact with dolines to the outside atmosphere. The view of the ponds and waterfalls formed by a river in the cave is a separate feature. The humidity of the cave atmosphere, which is dry at the entrance, increases once more in the interior due to the stream flowing through the cave. There is a castle built on a hill overlooking the surrounding area at the top of the cave, which has sometimes narrow and sometimes quite wide galleries and corridors. There are social infrastructure, country coffee and recreation areas around the cave. Located in Çal Village of Trabzon Düzköy, the cave is 51 km from the city center and at an altitude of 1100 m from the sea.


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